Dallas, United States ALD Celebration | African Liberation Day 2017      

African Liberation Day 2017

Dallas, United States ALD Celebration

The United States of Africa Revolutionary Party (USARP)

Pan-African Connection Bookstore, Art Gallery and Resource Center
4466 S. Marsalis Ave., Dallas TX 75216

Phone: 214-943-8262
Email: panafric@airmail.net
Website: www.panafricanconnection.com

"African Liberation Day for us is only an instrument to help organize our people..."- Kwame Ture

Sunday May 28, 2017 - 4 p.m.

African Liberation Day 2017 Symposium

African Liberation Day is Celebrated Worldwide Demonstrating Solidarity with all Oppressed Peoples of the World and for the Liberation, Unity, and Dignity of African People and All of Humanity

Theme: " "African Youth Organizing Against All Settler and Neo-Colonial Regimes: From DRC (Congo), to Standing Rock and Palestine!"

- Cultural Entertainment, Speakers, Food, Children's activities
Speakers, Cultural Entertainment, and Collective Discussion

About ALD

ALD was founded in 1958 when Kwame Nkrumah convened the First Conference of Independent States held in Accra, Ghana and attended by eight independent African states. At this historic meeting the 15th of April was declared "African Freedom Day", to mark each year the onward progress of liberation movement, and to symbolize the determination of the people of Africa to free themselves from foreign domination and exploitation.

On May 25, 1963, leaders of thirty-two independent African States met to form the Organization of African Unity (OAU). By then more than two thirds of the continent had achieved independence from colonial rule. At this historic meeting the date of Africa Freedom Day was changed from April 15th to May 25th and Africa Freedom Day was declared African Liberation Day (ALD).

Wear White as a Sign of Solidarity

Free and Open to the Public. For More Information Call 214-943-8262

Event Details
Sunday, 28 May 2017 - 4:00pm
Pan-African Connection Bookstore
4466 S. Marsalis Ave.
Dallas, TX
United States
Sponsoring Organization
The United States of Africa Revolutionary Party (USARP)
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+1 214-943-8262
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