ALD Dar Es Salaam (Chang'ombe), Tanzania - 8 Jun 2019 #AfricanLiberationDay #AfricanYouthDay #ALD2019 #AfricaDay

ALD Tanzania in Dar Es Salaam

On 8 June 2019 African Liberation Day was organized in at Chang’ombe Secondary School in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The programme included a number of Pan-African forces coming together including young revolutionaries from the Young Socialist League (Kenya). Other participants were the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (A-APRP), Rastafarian United Front (RUF), Tanzania Socialist Forum, Bus Drivers Union (UWAMATA), Tanzania-Cuba Friendship and Solidarity Committee, Tanzania Western Saharawai Solidarity Committee, Global Pan African Movement, Haki Ardhi (Morogoro), DUCE (Daresalaam University College of Education), University of Daresalaam Students Organization (DARUSO), Tanzanian Institute of Accountancy (TIA Students) as well as a number of Secondary Schools: Tandika Secondary, Zanaki Secondary, Kisutu Secondary, Chang’ombe Secondary and Daresalaam Secondary


Photos from the event can be seen on the ALD 2019 Gallery Page

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