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Introducing Union of Guinean Women (UDEMU), Secretary-General, Comrade Engineer Bilony Nhama Nantamba Nhassé. Born 15 July 1961 in Bambadinca, Region of Bafata, Guinea-Bissau, she is the Secretary-General of the UDEMU, the women’s wing of the PAIGC, that was founded in Conakry, the Revolutionary Republic of Guinea on 18 June 1961. She is a member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Party and sits in on Permanent Commission Meetings.

Due to her positive performance at a PAIGC School in a Liberated Zone, Bilony Nhama was selected a one of the best students. Accordingly, she was sent to the PAIGC Pilot School, established in Conakry, near by the PAIGC Main Headquarters. This PAIGC School was a result of the PAIGC Congress Resolutions of 1964
“Congresso de Cassaca” that sought to train future political and technical cadre, based upon a revolutionary curriculum that taught emancipation of women in theory and practice, to create the “new woman and man”.

Bilony Nhama was a Pioneer in the PAIGC Pioneers, where she was selected to study in Cuba. There she continued her political education while being trained as a motorized agricultural engineer.

After graduation, she returned to Guinea-Bissau to work in the Agricultural Ministry, to contribute toward increased production for the Revolution. She remained active in the PAIGC and UDEMU in various positions. As a result of her faithfulness, the women of the PAIGC chose her as the Secretary-General of UDEMU at its fourth Congress in 2016.

Bilony Nhama participates in activities of the Pan-African Women’s Organization, (of which UDEMU serves as one of its founders in 1962). She attended the 50th Anniversary of the Handbook of Revolutionary Warfare, organized by the A-APRP in Ghana, 2018.

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