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Message Chairman IPC/PAFM (Africa Day 2021)

In celebration of this important day for Africans on the Continent and in the Diaspora, please find below the message of the Chairman of the IPC/PAFM, Adama Samassékou. Please disseminate […]

PANAFU-SL Statement on African Liberation Day

PAN-AFRICAN UNION (PANAFU-SL) LIBERATION, UNIFICATION AND DEVELOPMENT STATEMENT ON AFRICAN LIBERATION DAY (ALD) - MAY 25 On the occasion of the African Liberation Day – 25 May 2021, the Pan-African Union of Sierra Leone (PANAFU-SL) wishes to extend solidarity and to ally with all Pan-Africanist forces worldwide commemorating this historic ...
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ALD Guinea Bissau 2016

African Liberation Day 2021 Tabloid

These are hard times for Africans. We are a people who have been dispersed to all corners of the world where we have been enslaved and oppressed for centuries and where we now cope with the continuing horrors of a pandemic, police terrorism, theft of natural resources, widespread poverty and ...
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ALD in US Virgin Islands Kicks Off

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS – May 2021 1. Friday, May 21st: 7-9:30pm online (ATTEND LIVE on Zoom/Online) – PASG & Caribbean Groups 2. Saturday, 22nd, Monday, 24th and Tuesday, 25th- 7pm until at the Nyahbinghi Center, AyAy St. Croix St. Croix ALD Nyahbinghi Ises hosted by The Theocracy Reign of the ...
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Pan-African Revolutionary Socialist Party

Africa Must Unite Podcast on African Liberation

Take a listen to this great new Podcast from the Pan-African Revolutionary Socialist Party (PRSP). Hosted by Mama D. and Sister Tasha on African Liberation. Extremely relevant to African Liberation Day (ALD)    
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Pan African Congress Movement UK Two Day Webcast to end African Liberation Month

ALD Presented by the Pan African Congress Movement UK Sunday 30th May 2021 & Monday 31st May 2021 1pm - 10pm Live Via YouTube - PACMTV and Facebook Live - PACM_UK
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Grenada Celebrates ALD for first time since ’83 Coup

Grenada will be celebrating African Liberation Day (ALD) for the first time since the US invasion in 1983..   This joyous occasion will be held on Tuesday, 25 May at 4 pm Grenada time. Organised by the Grenada African Liberation Day Organising Committee (GALDOC) GRENADA ALD DETAILS  
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ALD Theme Photo Campaign

As the momentum towards African Liberation Day 2021 gains steam, various members of the Zimbabwe Movement of Pan-African Socialists (ZIMPAS), All-African People's Revolutionary Party (A-APRP), the Pan-African Revolutionary Youth of Guinea-Bissau (AJOPAR) as well as school children in different areas of Africa are increasing awareness around the theme this year ...
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ALD Preparation Gathering Steam in Kenya, East Africa

Members of the Revolutionary Socialist League (RSL) and the All-African People's Revolutionary Party (A-APRP) held a preparatory meeting ahead of African Liberation Day 2021 edition. Because of the national emergency orders around #COVID19 currently operating in Kenya, ALD will be done virtually on 25 May 2021. Other groups co-organising ALD ...
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O magazine DLA 2020

¡Esperamos que estés bien de salut y espíritu revolucionario! Estamos orgullosos de compartir con usted nuestra edición 2020 de la revista sobre DLA en concordancia con el tema de este año: 'LAS SANCTIONES IMPERIALISTA CONTRA ZIMBABWE, CUBA Y VENEZUELA SON ACTOS DE GUERRA: AFRICANOS AS DEL NUMDO DEBEMOS DE LUCHAR!' ...
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ALD 2020 Tabloid

African Liberation Day 2020 Tabloid We hope that this reaches you in the best of health and revolutionary spirits! We are proud to share with you the 2020 edition of this ALD tabloid in line with the theme for this year: "Imperialist Sanctions on Zimbabwe, Cuba & Venezuela are Acts ...
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