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Message Chairman IPC/PAFM (Africa Day 2021)

In celebration of this important day for Africans on the Continent and in the Diaspora, please find below the message of the Chairman of the IPC/PAFM, Adama Samassékou. Please disseminate […]

ALD Tanzania in Dar Es Salaam

On 8 June 2019 African Liberation Day was organized in at Chang'ombe Secondary School in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The programme included a number of Pan-African forces coming together including young revolutionaries from the Young Socialist League (Kenya). Other participants were the All-African People's Revolutionary Party (A-APRP), Rastafarian United Front ...
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African Liberation Day without the Liberation

I was one of the presenters at an Africa Day Festival in Gauteng at the Drill Hall CBD and it was an interesting day in several respects. The gathering was to celebrate a Day that should be celebratory in essence and should be joyous because the oppressed have been freed. ...
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Zimbabwe: Cyclone Idai, Sanctions and Capitalism

Zimbabwe: Cyclone Idai, Sanctions and Capitalism By Mafa Kwanisai Mafa , About a month ago Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique were devastated by a tropical cyclone which has been described as one of the worst disasters ever to strike the southern hemisphere .Approximately 2.6 million people were affected in the ...
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KNAC Statement on Occasion of African Liberation Day

ENGLISH 25/05/2019 STATEMENT ON THE OCCASION OF AFRICAN LIBERATION DAY The Kwame Nkrumah Pan-African Centre (KNAC) today joins Africans worldwide in marking  African Liberation Day 2019. African Liberation Day is rooted in the 1958 Conference of Independent African States, convened in Ghana by Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah as the first Pan-African ...
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ALD in Effect in Guinea-Bissau

Juventude Africana Amílcar Cabral - JAAC (or Amilcar Cabral African Youth) held an African Liberation Day Ideological Seminar in the capital of Guinea-Bissau on 22 May 2019. Among those in attendance was Revolutionary Pan-Africanist Sainey Faye from The Gambia. The seminar was held at the Amilcar Cabral University. On 23 ...
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Justice for Mbobda

Justice for Mbobda! Call for our demonstration on the African Liberation Day #JusticeForMbobda On the 21st of April 2019, the African student Tonou Mbobda was killed by a racist and brutal assault by “security“ forces of the University Hospital Hamburg (UKE), Germany. The act of violence occurred on Sunday morning ...
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Revolutionaries Require the Revolutionary Truth of Revolutionary Primary Sources

Instead of surfing the Internet to read capitalist lies, why not use it instead as a way to access revolutionary truths found in revolutionary primary sources? Almost all revolutionary and progressive parties have their own websites, Facebook, Twitter, etc.. Below are just a few of them. Cuba: (daily in Spanish ...
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Candice Antique

Candice is a international singer/songwriter, producer, educator, natural beauty advocate, activist, global citizen and Pan Africanist who travels the world making music and speaking to unify the African diaspora. Her mission is to live in a world where every human being can manifest their highest selves free from oppression and ...
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Neocolonialism: Imperialist Fruit That Fell Close to the Tree

Throughout Africa, foreign interests dominate almost everything of value. These multinational corporations and western governments may not be visible, but they are there, frequently using Africans who function as imperialist puppets. Accusing fingers pointed at the imperialist puppet-masters are deflected and met with the reply: “It’s not us. African leaders ...
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Revolution – Now! Now!

Big businesses use the term “revolution” to claim that everything from soap to cars to pancakes are better than their competition. Not just a little better but extremely, drastically better. This is all an effort to get people to buy more stuff - the stuff that makes more money for ...
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