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African Liberation Day – Virtual – Organized by the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP)

2021-05-22 - 2021-05-23

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This year’s African Liberation Day organized by the African People’s Socialist Party will be a 2-day program held virtually May 22-23, 2021.  Our theme “Build the African Worker’s State” is a continuation of our Party’s trajectory to bring the African nation together under a solitary strategy that will lead to the liberation of our Africa and of African people.

Today we see more and more evidence of what the Chairman of our Party calls, the crisis of imperialism.  The white ruling class and their neo-colonial puppets can no longer rule in the same old way.  Throughout the world, African workers have taken to the streets to demand that governments address their basic needs and concerns. Small reform and consensus no longer satisfy the appetite of the suffering African masses.

We are at a time in history when the desire for total liberation for African people conflicts with white colonial capitalist domination over Africans and other colonized peoples of the world.

Under the leadership of Chairman Omali Yeshitela, our Party has taken up the responsibility to win Africans to organization as we prepare to govern.   The task of building an African worker’s state requires it, which the Chairman writes, “can only come into existence by the workers destroying the colonial base of capitalist production replacing the oppressive State of the colonial capitalist and transforming ‘surplus’ value into social wealth to provide for the well being of society.”

The Party has already begun the work to build the infrastructure for self-government through the creation of its regional committees in Africa, the Caribbean, the U.S. and Europe.

We, the vanguard Party of the African working class, invite Africans from all over the world to participate in this defining African Liberation Day 2-day conference and discover for yourself the path to African worker controlled self-government.

If not us, then who?  If not now, then when?

Forward to African Liberation Day 2021!


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