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Jesus ‘Chucho’ Garcia is with the Fundacion Afroamerica Y Diaspora Africana. Jesus is an intellectual, diplomat, writer and activist for the rights of people of African descent. He is a founder of the “Miguel Acosta Saigne” Center for African American Studies (1987) and has conducted several studies on the African Diaspora, work that led him to travel to North, Central and South America and the Caribbean as well as Africa, to conduct ethnological research focused on African descent.

As a diplomat, Garcia has served in Venezuela embassies in Angola, Zambia, Sao Tome and Principe (2008-2013); and later in Mali and Burkina Faso, from November 2013 to September 2014, as well as General Consul of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in New Orleans. Meanwhile, his activism has involved him in many struggles of Africans around the world.

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