Message Chairman IPC/PAFM (Africa Day 2021)

In celebration of this important day for Africans on the Continent and in the Diaspora, please find below the message of the Chairman of the IPC/PAFM, Adama Samassékou. Please disseminate it as you see fit.
Happy “Africa Day” to all!
Chers Soeurs et Frères Panafricanistes,
J’espère que ce message vous trouvera tous en paix et en parfaite santé!
A l’occasion de la célébration du Jour de l’Afrique, je vous prie de trouver ci-joint le message du Président du CIP/MFPA, Adama Samassékou. N’hésitez partager à travers vos propres réseaux.
Bonne célébration du “Jour de l’Afrique!”

See Attached for Program and Images of some of the SPEAKERS

SPONSORS: Florida (352 485-2079) , Atlanta (650 766-5663) and D.C. (202 306-6294) branches of the Pan African Federalist Movement (PAFM)
Here’s the CORRECT Zoom link for the town hall.
Please circulate to your contacts ASAP. 



African Global Sovereignty and Victory, Now !!
2020-2021 The Years of PAFM’s Big Leap Forward!!
Your Humble & Faithful Pan African Federalist Servant,
Baba Mwalimu Kwasi-Quayaja AMSATA (aka Brother Ed Brown)
Coordinator, PAFM North America

https://www.cbpm.org/pafmnoram                                                                 A

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