Part of Pan-African Coalition discussing ALD plans in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Pan-African Coalition in Sierra Leone, West Africa planning a week of ALD activities


A coalition of Pan-African forces in Sierra Leone came together to draw up plans for a week of African Liberation Day activities in the capital, Freetown recently. The coalition decided on the theme: “Africans Must Unite“. Sub Themes include “End Tribalism and Xenophobia“, “No more borders in Africa, we are one“, “61 years of ALD – Revolutionary PanAfricanism and Forward to United Africa” and “Africans, Not for Sale: Stop Slavery and Human Trafficking“. The weeklong activities starting on Monday 20 May will conclude on Saturday 25 May with a African Unity March starting from African Liberation Square-Wallace-Johnson Street to Miatta Conference Centre

Hero tributes will be paid to Constance Cummings-John @ 101 Years, Segbeh Pieh – 108 since Amistad and the 20 year anniversary of Kwame Ture‘s transition to the ancestors.

Coalition members include PANAFU, MSP, BSANI, Black Consciousness Movement (BLACOMO), Jahknoxx Movement, Voice of Teachers, Gullah Redemption Movement, Exodus Movement and Pan-Africano

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