Solidarity Statements 2023

Written Versions of Solidarity Statements

All praises to our Comrades in Struggle for sending Messages of Solidarity in our fight to liberate our land, our people and the world from exploitation, oppression and tyranny. We thank our comrades and brother/sister organizations and alliances. Please view the many statements of solidarity below.

Kenya Palestine Solidarity Movement ALD 2023 Solidarity Message

The Kenya Palestine Solidarity Movement (KPSM) in coalition with organizations supporting Pan-African solidarity, recommits itself to this cherished value as we commemorate African Liberation Day on 25 May 2023. On...
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Kongamano la Mapinduzi ALD 2023 Solidarity Message

Kongamano la Mapinduzi (KLM) sends revolutionary greetings to all African people and progressive organisations on the continent and its diaspora on this 60th commemoration of African Liberation Day. KLM  -...
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Socialist Movement of Ghana ALD 2023 Solidarity Message

Africa must UNITE!!! On Africa Liberation Day, 2023 the Socialist Movement of Ghana (SMG) salutes the peoples of Africa. Foreign exploitation, underdevelopment, and oppression of Africa continues to intensify in...
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